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Thermacrete was founded by a team of visionaries with over six decades of combined professional expertise in the areas of real estate development, construction, asset management, architecture, and design. By integrating the time-tested performance benefits of autoclaved aerated concrete with new, innovative application designs, Thermacrete successfully raised the bar for light weight, high performance concrete firewall assemblies and rapidly carved a growing niche into the Chicago residential marketplace. Currently servicing a national clientele throughout the residential, commercial, industrial, and retail sectors, Thermacrete continues to expand market penetration into primary metropolitan and secondary markets across the country. Offering a full line of AAC block and panel products, Thermacrete’s growth strategy centers around the needs of our clients, and the continued identification of means by which we are able to impact bottom-lines through production efficiency, material integration, site coordination, material waste, liability exposure, and market positioning. 
To promote the many construction and material benefits of AAC for both bearing and nonbearing building applications. To educate the architectural, design, general construction, fire and code compliance communities regarding the versatility, performance, durability, and “green building” advantages of AAC products in order to foster broader adoption and incorporation within new project specifications. To reduce liability exposure for builders and owners in the areas of fire, sound and mold, while maximizing safety and comfort to building occupants. And, finally to position lightweight AAC constructed firewall assemblies as the standard by which all high-performance firewalls are measured.