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ThermAcoustic Wall
        (UL Design No.U210)

U210 provides an additional 2 hrs. of UL rated fire protection, as compared with double-layer gypsum shaft wall assemblies.

Construction with gypsum-based shaft material becomes cost prohibitive at the 3 hr. and 4 hr. ratings, based not only on material cost, but but also the added labor and time required for field assembly of each multi-layer, multi-channel wall.

• U210 provides up to 4 hrs.of UL rated fire protection at only 4", as well as 50% space savings in wall profile thickness, versus nonbearing 8" masonry block.

• 2" Thermacrete panel- (2 hr)
• 3" Thermacrete panel- (3 hr)
• 4" Thermacrete panel- (4 hr)
(AAC panel rating independent of gypsum)